Yamuna Foot Fitness 1 and 2

Your feet are designed to carry you through life. Just imagine, all the weight of your entire body is funneled down into these two marvelous creations, known as your feet. Unfortunately, we stuff them into shoes that constrict their own beautiful, natural movement. Our feet become fused, calcified, and function as one dysfunctional unit, instead of the incredible and sophisticated body parts that they are. We end up with crippling pain from bunions, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma and more. Don’t get me wrong! I am not advocating wearing unattractive Burkenstocks, or overly-wide “sensible” shoes as your go-to for footwear. Ideally, you should be able to wear whatever shoe your heart desires, but you need to take really good care of your feet. This is especially important as we get a little older and the signs of incorrect walking patterns become really apparent. An investment of time given to our feet will sustain us for a lifetime.

Yamuna Foot Fitness has designed an innovational program to get your feet back functioning again. We use two specific types of equipment; Foot Wakers and Foot Savers. Foot Wakers are half-domed nubbly things that work to help you break up adhesions, stuck-together muscles and fascia, allowing your feet to free up bones and tissue that have become adhered over the years. Additionally they activate all the pressure points located in your feet and therefore help all other systems of your body. Once this tissues have been freed up, we then work with the Foot Savers, which are half-domed thingies, a bit smaller than the Foot Wakers. These are designed to help you readjust the actual bones of your feet by realigning them. Once the bones are realigned, we can then pursue strengthening the muscles of your feet, addressing your own particular weaknesses, and turn them into strengths. The entire system is quite remarkable; just imagine that you can change your feet into functioning entities that will support you throughout all of your endeavors – be it dancing, running, jogging, or simply walking with confidence and ease. Your foot problems will become a thing of the past! Another important aspect of the Yamuna Foot Fitness training is analyzing your gait pattern as well as ankle, knee and hip alignment. You will become cognizant of the way you walk, correct any problem areas and make it your new pattern of walking.

The combination of hands-on work with a certified practitioner, routines that you do on your own, and corrected walking pattern will make you a believer. In an age where surgery is the norm (painful and often ineffective), we need to take responsibility for our own health! Let’s avoid surgery and change our patterns instead. It is cheaper, less painful and more effective. The process takes time, but just think how many years it took you to get to where you are. In comparison, the process is pretty quick. But it does take a commitment from you to do your homework (routines given to you by the practitioner and attention to how you walk).

Take a look at our before, after and on-going photos of what results you can expect by experiencing this work. More importantly, read the testimonials from our clients that have made the commitment to having healthy feet.

Case 1

Dancer, very active lifestyle. Arches are more lifted and alignment all the way up to the knee is improved. Client has noted stronger feet, allowing her to enjoy her dancing and no longer experiences pain. She has also commented that her feet have a nicer esthetic line than previously.

Case 2

Circulation greatly improved as well as alignment. Toes are straighter, and swelling on left foot is improved. Toes are straighter. Arches stronger and more defined. As client continues to do the routines, the feet should become narrower as she strengthens the 4th and 5th metatarsals more and more. Client takes ballet classes on a regular basis and states that she is very happy with the increased strength and mobility of her feet, as well as overall alignment. 10 visits.

Case 3

This client has an active lifestyle and also takes several ballet classes per week. She was having pain and balance issues with her feet. Severe bunions and crossing toes did not allow her feet to support her for balance and movement. The “before” photo of the underside shows that the 2nd toe was not even visible, however after only several visits, the toe is now appearing from this angle. Toes have become straighter; the big toe joints have increased in flexibility. These changes are only after 10 visits. We continue with the work as we see more improvements every time. She wants to avoid surgery and achieve permanent and lasting changes!


“I understand and well know that changes can be made to any part of the body at any age, yet the dramatic ones I have experienced by integrating the Yamuna foot savers into my program were beyond anything I could have imagined. Over the years, genetics, age, injuries, and a life long love of ballet caused my feet to enlarge and chronically swell. Some irregularities and disparities of the arch lift and its support had also become evident, and my toes increasingly lost proper alignment. It took only a very few short months of consistent work with them to see very noticeable differences. To say the least, my feet have transformed, and the process continues. I don’t think the pictures adequately demonstrate the dramatic changes which my feet have undergone. The swelling has all but disappeared, the metatarsal separation is now very visible. My feet have narrowed, the toes have lengthened and aligned, and the arches have lifted and evened out as well. Additionally, the overall foot and toe agility as well as strength which I have been gaining has been truly remarkable. Yet there is more – since the feet are at the base, in other words they are one’s foundation, working with the savers has also directly impacted my entire body, its alignment and more functional functionality, in movement and at rest. Thank you so much Yamuna”.

“I can show my feet in public again! The improvement in how my bunions and toes look and feel is way beyond my expectations. When I look at the “before and after” photos it is hard to believe that only a few months of work could produce such results. Best of all, surgery is now not necessary, and that is an enormous relief. I have been a big fan of Yamuna for a few years, but never imagined that it would have such a major effect on my life – foot Yamuna is literally life changing!”