Yamuna Body Rolling Testimonials

“Once I passed my 70th birthday my body simply did not respond the way it used to — had to stop taking the more strenuous ballet classes. Recently I began to regularly take Merilee’s and Diane’s Yamuna Body Rolling classes and the best way to describe the results is to say my body is “behaving younger”. My posture has improved and so has my stamina and best of all, I have fewer aches and pains. I only wish that Yamuna was available when I was young for I believe I could have prevented injuries, and danced better.
Shan Albert Studio City, CA”

“Yamuna Body Rolling is a powerful, safe technique that really works to help every part of the body achieve it’s maximum efficiency.  It loosens and mobilizes areas that hold chronic tightness and pain, and leaves you feeling long and limber. I recommend this work to everyone- you truly will feel a difference. Leslie Carothers”

“This class is my “feel good,” (during and after) class. From being a professional dancer for more than a few decades, my body has been through a lot. Three years ago, a hip replacement, injuries too numerous to mention… basically most of the parts of my body have been strained, sprained, pulled, ripped, snapped, displaced, just about everything but broken. Inner and outer scars are just part of the job. But after a lifetime of “beating my body up,” for so long, it is wonderful to find a practice that helps realign, un-crunch and make some breathing room for my bones, muscles and inner organs. Similar to most types of yoga, it is very subtle and organic, not like a typical “dance” class, but a very centering experience. You come away feeling calm, breathing easier and adjusted throughout your mind and body. Merilee Blaisdell and Diane Doban are the perfect instructors, as their extensive backgrounds in dance and performing give them knowledge and insight about the rigors and problems dancers go through, as well as how every day life can affect your posture, alignment, bone density, et al. Whether you are young or old, it’s never too late or too early to Yamuna Body Roll ~ Valerie Jean-Miller”

“The first time I went to a Yamuna Body Rolling class, I was unable to get down on to the floor. Diane and Marilee helped me by assisting me to the wall, so that I could do the body rolling on either side of the spine, reactivating the blood flow and breaking down the scar tissue. After the hour long class I felt immediately more energy and actually drove home to a couple of healing crisis days where I experienced pain along my spine, and neck and where both hips had been replaced. I have bursitis in those areas around the scars and the length of both femurs right and left.

When I returned a week later I was able to join the class and actually get down on the floor a miracle!! I was slow, but I got down. I have been experiencing an increase in energy and mobility ever since I started doing the Yamuna Body Rolling class. Now I have been using the foot balls as well, further breaking down scar tissue and gaining flexibility after years of osteo arthritis in the toe joints caused by pointe work and other fun stuff!

I highly recommend both Diane and Marilee’s attentive very specific technical class for easing bodily pain and stress. Jennifer Nairn-Smith”