Spring 2016

Merilee and I are so very grateful to our clients and want to wish everyone a happy spring. Just a quick reminder that the Tuesday class in Burbank is on hiatus until June. We will most likely change the class time to a morning slot, as that seems to be more convenient for most of us. Please keep checking back – once we have firmed up the class time, day, and starting date we’ll have it here on the website as well as on Facebook “Yamunala”.

Please feel free to send us any requests you might have for class focus.

In the meantime, since it’s spring, and our backs need some special attention, please continue doing the back routines that you’ve learned in class. This work is so profound, and we see immediate results. There was a time when my hamstrings were “on fire” for over a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Working with the Yamuna balls has changed our lives in so many ways, enabling us to keep dancing without all that constant pain. Yeah, we still get sore after taking a dance class, but now we have the tools to mitigate that soreness!

Here’s a photo from last Friday’s class (4/15/2016) where we learned a new routine for the lower back. We made 3 passes starting at the sit bone (middle, outside, and inside), sliding the ball up into the low back and extending the same leg. Wow – really love this one! Thank you Merilee!


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